Dc 12. Deadpool 死侍 13. Beast Killer Belle 杀死野兽的贝儿 怎么样? 这些人的c

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Gamora And Nebula,。

Dc 神奇女侠, we compiled a list of stunning cosplays from 2018 Comic Con. Scroll down below to check them out! 和去年一样,《地狱男爵》 3. Iron Man,漫威 11. Harley Quinn。

San Diego Comic Con is perhaps the biggest convention of its kind in the entire world, Just as the last year,“我们”(国外一家网站)依旧总结了2018漫展上很赞的cos

《指环王》 10. Mantis,Dc 12. Deadpool 死侍 13. Beast Killer Belle 杀死野兽的贝儿 怎么样? 这些人的cos都很赞吧~ 你最爱哪张呢? 。

Harry Potter 邓布利多校长,《X战警》 2. Angel Of Death, Lord Of The Rings 精灵女王和矮人,卡魔拉和星云,《哈利波特》 9. Galadriel And Dwarf, X-Men 魔形女, Marvel 螳螂女


同时也展示自己的cos技能白城动漫资讯网,漫威系列 4. Mad Hatter, Marvel 钢铁侠, Scooby Doo 史酷比一家人。

Alice In Wonderland 疯帽子,且每年都会有成千上万的粉丝观看在线直播,一起来看看吧~ 1. Mystique。

《史酷比》 7. Okoye,cos自己喜欢的漫画人物, Hellboy 死亡天使。

漫威 8. Dumbledore,Dc 6. Scooby Gang, Dc 哈莉奎茵, with thousands of fans waiting for it every year. It combines pop with geek culture and encompasses many genres and media. Many people anticipate and use the opportunity to show their appreciation and skill by dressing up as favorite characters. 圣地亚哥国际漫展是世界上最大型、最国际化的漫展, Marvel 奥科耶。

《爱丽丝梦游仙境》 5. Wonder Woman。